Chocolate Mania

11:53:00 AM

Momma always said, 
"life was like a box of chocolates" 
and our Monday is turning out to be just that!


This morning our wonderful #cluttstalent Nancy Alexander dropped off an entire bowl full of goodies for us! So feel free to stop by for some trick-or-treating or we might all have to take tomorrow off due to tummy aches.

Nancy is a newer face to the Clutts Agency but she is far from a beginner. She's well versed in the modeling world and is starting to make her way into her acting career! We can't wait to see where her hard work will be take her.

Britt is still killing it on Season 15 Project Runway and this week walked for designer Dexter Simmons in what he called a 'chocolate fringe number.'

The judges may have had their critiques, but we think her outfit was extra yummy!

And the Halloween countdown continues:

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